Wednesday 4th April / One World Genesis 11:1-9

“Now the whole world had one language and a common speech” (Genesis 11:1)

Unity is a powerful thing.  Motivated by the desire to better the lives of others it can stop wars, bring prosperity and solve the greatest challenges the world faces.  However, driven by vanity and an unquenchable lust for power it leads only to vile evil.  That’s what happened in the early world’s first city – Babel – and LOVE intervened to stop it.
Any city or nation can unite around an evil cause and many have done so and continue to do so.  We must pray that the UK and Bournemouth chooses a different path: righteousness, which LOVE promises will exalt any people that pursues it.  We must also pray that LOVE will teach us as a church how to use the power we have, to proclaim the good news about Jesus, to build the church with Jesus, and to work for the coming kingdom of Jesus.
Praying as we go, we offer our lives to Jesus this week to be a means by which he may answer our prayers.  Offer to Jesus any power or influence you have in your family, your workplace and your friendships.  Together, let’s make a choice to use that power and influence not for our own advantage but for Jesus’s kingdom purposes.

‘Come let us build…so that we may make a name for ourselves…” (Genesis 11:4)

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