Prayer50 FAQs

Welcome to the Prayer Room. Thank you for booking your slot. We're so excited for you to spend quality time with God.

Gaining access to the prayer room
Before you arrive, you’ll be sent an email 12 hours before and 1 hour before your booking which will give you the code to get into the prayer room. This will be sent to the email address you signed up to your slot with.   Click here to watch the how-to video

The email looks like this:

Entry and Exit Instructions
Welcome to the prayer room. We want this space to be a safe and secure environment for you and everyone else using the room, enabling us all to get the most out of our time in here.

If you are the last person out, leaving the room with a gap in between your booking or coming into the room after a period of it not being used, please follow the instructions below.

Opening Up Leaving the building
Put key back in key safe. Ensure the key back is back in the key safe.
Turn on the lights (on the wall and if the lamps are out at the wall) Turn off the lights (on the wall and if the lamps are out at the wall)
Check that the kitchen area has been cleaned, washing up anything remaining. Check that all windows are closed and locked (including toilets)
Turn on the fairy lights in the snug area. Check that both doors are shut securely.
Empty the bins in the kitchen area. Then replenish with new bin bags found in the kitchen drawer to the right of the hatch.
Put normal rubbish in external bin in bag, recycling in bin loose – the bins are clearly labelled.  Bins are situated by Tudor Hall.
Turn off the fairy lights in the snug area.

Thank you!

In case of emergency
If there is an emergency please immediately call 999 if you or prayer room users are in imminent danger or the on duty team member using the phone on the wall.

I’ll take a picture of it on the wall for the website next week.

Room ‘House Rules’
We want this prayer room to be a safe and secure environment, to enable you to get the most out of your time spent in here. There are a few housekeeping things to bear in mind to enable you to have an enjoyable and safe prayer time.

  1. When in the prayer room please do not let anyone else in from outside, unless you have specifically bought them with you
  2. When leaving the prayer room, please put the key back in the key safe and do not give anyone else the code information.
  3. Please not light any candles or have any naked flames.
  4. Please take care of the kitchen space, ensuring you wash and dry anything you use, leaving it in a suitable state for the next person.
  5. Please do not drink alcohol or use any other type of drugs in this space.
  6. When using the art supplies provided in the snug, please leave in a suitable state for the next person. i.e; put things back where you found them.
  7. Please put chalk pens back into the pen holder on the blackboard after use allowing them to be used by the next person.
  8. If you notice anything out of place or broke please email [email protected] or in an emergency call the on duty team using the phone in the wallet.

Thank you! We hope your time in here is life giving and spirit filled! Love from the LOVECHURCH team.

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