Monday 2nd April/ The Fall Genesis 3:1-7

“Did God really say…?” (Genesis 3:1)

LOVE gave Adam and Eve just one boundary – one point on which they’d simply have to trust that LOVE knew best.  They’d have to choose to believe in LOVE, to trust LOVE at every turn.  They’d have to live by faith.  “Don’t eat the apple” meant “don’t try to be me”.  But Adam and Eve, like all of us, allowed themselves to be tricked in to thinking that they knew best.  They chose a response that was the direct opposite of what they knew LOVE wanted.  This was no innocent mistake.  It was a rejection of LOVE: sin.

The greatest deceit the devil ever pulled in every human’s life except Jesus, was to trick us in to believing that we should be in control of our own life, not LOVE.  The devil wants to tempt us in to rejecting LOVE.  To do this, the devil persuades us that the boundaries LOVE sets for us must be restrict our freedom, rather than enabling it. 

To pull this trick off, the devil has to undermine our confidence in what LOVE has said and why he has said it.  That’s why knowing what the Bible says and being able to correctly interpret it is so fundamental for the Christian life.  And why, in the end, it’s a matter of our trust in LOVE’s character: he always wants the best for us.  If we allow our confidence and trust to be undermined by listening to the devil, we flirt with tragedy.  Rejecting LOVE always opens the door to damage, failure and shame.

As we pray today let’s trust LOVE and ask him to show us where we might have rejected him, or started to listen to the devil’s lies.  Ask LOVE to show us where we might have started to lose confidence in what he has said to us.  Ask LOVE to show us if we have started to doubt his character.  Let’s let LOVE correct our view today.  If we become aware that we have messed-up, let’s begin to call out to LOVE, believing in his promise to forgive us and the unending goodness of his character.

“…they realised that they were naked…” (Genesis 3:7) ‘The Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”  He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”’ (Genesis 3:9)

Immediately, Adam and Eve regretted it.  They felt ashamed and guilty.  In their shame they tried to hide from all-seeing, all-knowing LOVE.  But however bad you feel about yourself you can’t hide from LOVE and it’s futile to try.  The sooner you respond to LOVE’s call, the sooner new life can begin.  Adam and Eve were afraid it was the end.  They knew they were guilty and that having rejected LOVE, he might reject them in return.  But LOVE didn’t reject them.  Instead, LOVE saw an opportunity to help them grow and trust again.  LOVE is unconditional.  LOVE will never reject us.  LOVE may certainly allow us to feel the consequences of bad choices.  But only so that we can learn to trust LOVE again.  The perfect realm of Eden was left behind.  But LOVE journeyed with Adam and Eve.  LOVE clothed them, covered their shame and restored their relationship.

Prayer is about coming out from the bushes we’re all hiding behind.  LOVE knows already.  All LOVE wants is to be reconciled again.  Prayer is about being unafraid to be who we truly are before LOVE – warts and all.  As we pray today, let’s be brave and believe that LOVE isn’t going to destroy us if we become really honest about what we’ve done and who we are.  It’s then that the healing can begin.  LOVE will cover us.  As you confess your sin today, allow LOVE to cover your nakedness and shame today.

“The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21)

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